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Book Review of Anything to Look Hot by Jas Kohli

Mostly doctors are seen writing books regarding their field in a very doctorial form but here I came across one such writer who is not only a doctor by profession but an amazing writer too. Anything to look Hot by Jas Kohli is my first ever book that I am going to review which is related to medical field. Well, this book talks about Plastic Surgery, its types and yes, this book doesn't bore you despite of its medical terms, which seems to be its strongest point.

Cover-The cover has a girl who looks extremely stunning and an injection could be noticed on her lips. This givesus an idea about the book. The color scheme is simple and sober.

Title- The title ' Anything to look Hot' clearly tells us that it is related to beautifying a person.

Setting- The novel is set in many places like Delhi, Mumbai, Chicago and eastern parts of India. The descriptions of these places are remarkable. For instance:
"The next morning, I set off on my scooter, whipped by gusts of the loo, Delhi's hot wind."
"True to its name, it has the splendid view of the Lake Michigan."
Plot- The plot is very captivating as it is the story of Dr. Dhruv, who happens to be a plastic surgeon and  admires astronomy. The story is all about the way he deals with his profession. Further, he is seen in love with Dr. Nandani who is also a plastic surgeon but soon shifts to paediatrics. Their love is completed when they get married and after sometime they have a baby girl, Saloni. The secrets of Plastic surgery are clearly depicted in this piece of work. The author binds us till the end.

Theme- There are variety of themes in the novel. The main theme is abour Plastic Surgery. It is crystal clear from the events that stars can go to any extend to look beautiful. For example; The plastic surgery of Shagun's breasts on the novel and many more incidents.

We even witness a theme of doctor- patient relationship.It further has two justifications; The surgery of a child where he dies leads to havoc which is created by the members of the family. Then the other surgeries of stars where they completely surrender themselves to the doctor.

The next theme is of Guru- Shishya. These days we don't have such bond between a mentor and a student but this novel has given glimpses of long lost relationship. The bond between Dr. Vidhur and Dhruv is much appreciated. he even confesses that he considers him as his GURU. Even he resoects Dr. Palmer and his generousity.

The other theme is of love between Dhruv and Nandani. They have a strong bond and that is they survived even after staying at different places for a couple of years. The essence of faith and love is the key feature in their marriage. This even saved their relation from breaking when Dhruv got maliciously attracted by the titlated Lavika.

Last but not the least, we also witness a beautiful father- son relationship where a son fulfils his fathers long hidden desire to be an actor. This makes him an ideal son.

Characterisation- The author is a craftsman in crafting his characters. The delineation of Dhruv;s character is splendid. he surpasses all the roles be it of a surgeon, chief, son, husband, father. The authot has made an ordinary man extraordinary that he seems so heroic. On the other hand, the female counterpart, Nandani, is shown beautiful and through her the culture of East India is shown which is often ignored. The way she points out this fact and question, it actually moves the readers and forces them tothink that why not actors from East are popular?

Style- The author has used simple, telegraphic and condensed language. It has correct blending of simple, compound and complex sentences. Although lots of medical terms and jargons can be noticed yet it doesn't feel out of touch with the work. The novel has no figures of speech yet the writing seems elegant. The descriptions are vivid.

Celebration Point- The novel is devoid of any errors which acually made me smile.

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