Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Freedom- An Obligation


Freedom means to do anything with full liberty without any hesitation or interference. We, with a great authority proclaim that we are free to do anything with our own will. But is it really so? Are we really free or are we trying to hide something behind the curtain of liberalism. Yes, today we seem to be free but the truth is that we have become the slaves. But now the question arises whose slaves have we become today?  Either we accept it or not but the truth is that today we have become the slaves of our desires. These desires are that much strong that they have made our volition so weak. Whatever we are striving for today is just to quench the thirst of our endless desires .But it is an irony that the more we strive the more they increase and one day these endless desires of one are buried with him beneath the soil and these desires just move on to make anyone else, their victim. We run a never winning race behind our yearnings.We yearn a lot but get very less of it as it is said that

“Kis Kadar gulam hai Zindagi is chah Ki
  Pta hai manZil maut hai fir bhi chahte jaa rhi hai”

Our desires are just like shadows in the Sun. We can see them, chase them but we can never achieve them .When we try to move toward them they move forward. This is very strange that in this reckless race of fulfilling his desires, how a man sacrifices his mental peace. However, when he says that he is extremely happy, this word seems to be an oxymoron because extreme happiness arises from one’s mind and if his mind is not in a subtle state then how can he say that he is extremely happy .Actually the fact is that our longings for external things are engulfing our inner notions and they are making us puppets of our mind .Willingly or unwillingly we rather than becoming the masters of ourselves, are becoming the slaves of our wants. This is why today we seem to be free externally but eternally we are still captivated by our own wishes which are absolutely worthless. But is there any solution of this problem? Can we save ourselves from this evil which is just like an epidemic, not just engulfing the man but also the mankind too?

As its said,"Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining" and for this particular problem too there is a very simple but effective solution. We can get rid of this problem by just stop running outside and start moving inside. Because a person is satisfied from inside he does not need any mundane thing to make him feel satisfied. Same thing  proclaim our scriptures also that if a man has quenched the thirst of his soul, he would never run outside to find any kind of external pleasure as they would mean nothing for him. He should be satisfied about what he has rather than just being guilty about what he does not. Rather than competing with outsiders he should try to fight hi inner turmoil. Because if he is balanced from inside only then he can handle the external affairs positively otherwise he would always be in a state of discontentment and it would always keep costing him a lot whether he is in his thick or thin.  He should always try to make his mind free of these wants and wishes and once he has broken the shackles of these  things from his mind and soul, no doubt he would feel a great relief and start making his life better than it was ever before.

About the Guest
Well, it is the first guest post and it is written by my dear friend, Prince Lubana. He works as a volunteer in an NGO. He plays Tabla, sings hymns and gazals. He promotes spiritualism and aims to make the society peaceful. He even performs in street plays that spread awareness against drug addiction and many such diseases. Currently, he is pursuing Honours School in English and loves to write about spiritualism and life related issues.