Sunday, 28 June 2015

Like It Happened Yesterday: A Review

Ravinder Singh's Like It Happened Yesterday is one of the most loved books. It is a different book as compared to his love story novels. As we know he is one of the appreciated novelists and his works are highly recommended by people. I am one of them. 

'Like It Happened Yesterday’ is a memoir of the author’s growing up years and how the experiences in his childhood have influenced his life at a later stage. It is a small depiction in which the author talks about his old days, his school time, good and bad incidents, crushes. This is a common story like every person has. The same happens with us when we enter the young age. This is a common phenomenon but Ravinder's common story inspired me.

This is an autobiographical novel and has all the traits of a typical domestic novel. For a change Ravinder picked up a different subject. The language of the novel is simple, clear and has brevity in it. He has used the simple technique of novel writing. Though many people didn't like it because they were expecting a yet another love story from him. But I believe an author must try different genres. This is true somewhere that he didn't do much justice to this one as compared to his other love stories but I guess this novel might be closed to his heart as it has all the small anecdotes of his life.

There are some things that I loved the most in his novel. First of all, the the incidents are episodic and are divided  and well arranged in chapters according to the growing age. The best segment is of the author's meeting with his teacher with whom he is attached. This incident talks of Ravinder's adolescent period where attraction is a normal phenomenon. The special thing  about each chapter is that he has given us small lessons through his experiences. The reader will feel connected to him.

So, I would like to suggest my readers to read it and give your own opinions.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Stunning Best Friend

Sitting in my secluded room I am writing something. I actually don’t know what and why I am writing as my brain isn’t getting what to write. I am thinking of Sonnet 55 and Sonnet 65. No, actually I am thinking of Bacon’s OF FRIENDSHIP. But still don’t know what is the subject matter of writing this piece. Yes! Yes! I know where this is coming from and for whom. Her birthday is coming and that is why my mind is running. Megan, is her name and she is the reason of this mind game.

A girl with long hair, glossy dark eyes ,dolly pink lips and not to forget her stylish flicks, suddenly came in my life almost seventeen years ago. She saw something in me as I was sitting alone at the opposite seat. Even I saw this sugar pie who was surrounded with her little toddler friends. Her eyes twinkled looking  at me and even her friends gave a stunning gaze to me. They shyly, uttered in chorus by bringing near their hands, FRAAANDZ and from their it all started, a beautiful saga of friendship. Flashbacks are good, isn’t it?

I am not getting words for your description but this ain’t doctor’s prescription! I am neither Lamb, nor Hazlitt and not even Chesterton, I am just a ‘chattering writer’, her best friend whose trying to write this first ever prose.

I could have written poetry but showing, my coolest friend; my unique chic is what every year’s trick. Writing a prose is not a cup of tea but still I am trying to make this tea with my flowing emotions. It was that day when she gave me an award of being her best friend. That was the most heart warming segment of our long friendship. Today, I can’t give you an award but by writing this prose I will make you immortal for the coming world. Readers, I tell you, this beauty has done majors in me and knows everything before I utter a single thing.

A duck of a friend you are and seriously speaking, knowing you for so many years has always been a new experience. An adventure freak melancholic writer; religious saint; spicy cook; Hey! Now don’t give that nasty look. A crazy brat with a messy hat and your hypnotic eyes almost make every guy shy. Meg, that’s what your classy name; not to forget Cherry is your priceless fame.

Tuberculosis knows about your deadliest desire and that actually brings me into fires. I know she is our cranky friend but I am your never- changing trend.

My proto-co-ho-lic friend, Costa, mocks at your delaying blend, but I do agree stylo you make us late from every end. Still you are my psycho scientific sprite...oh! Wait a moment, you are everybody’s flaunting slide. A crazy dancer, mommy’s laughing doll, daddy’s rockstar and Bhaiya- bhabhi’s flower. Well! That’s What You Are...

I think I have written much. This is a prose not a Verse. You are a transparent friend just like an open book. It’s your BIRTHDAY, your day.

A/N: My blog was incomplete without this post ..I wrote this an year ago and now since I have a blog so thought of posting it..I hope you all like it ..I need your special reviews ..