Monday, 21 March 2016

Book Review of Heart of Bullets

Heart of Bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha is a patriotic as well as a love story. The novel reaches the soul of the readers and has depth in it. The poetic diction of the book makes is loveable.

Cover- It is crystal clear from the cover of the book that novel is related to patriotism as it has a soldier and a girl with some helicopters in the background followed by a trilcolor title.

Title- The title clearly demarcates the theme of the novel which is patriotism. Hence, Heart of Bullets is apt.

Plot- The plot is well built. It is the story of two friends, Arpan and Sam, their selfless friendship, their love, Shradha and about their love for their nation. They were true patriots who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country. The plot was gripping till the end and the sudden twist and turns makes it enthralling.

Theme- The main theme is of patriotism. Arpan and Sam are soldiers who can do anything for the pride of their country. Further, friendship is the other theme that has great significance. Arpan, Sam and Shradha are true who remains together till the end. But Arpan ends up playing the true friend indeed. The other theme is of love. the love between Shradha and Sam is so strong that even misunderstandings couldn't break their relation. Though we notice, one sided love of Arpan yet Sharadha was always in love with Sam.

Characterisation- The characters are artisctically protrayed. Arpan's character is round which undergoes a drastic change at the end of the story. Sam's character makes us smile and lament while  Shradha is the main protagonist of the novel who is beautifully described. While the other characters also play a vital role in the progression of the story.

Style- The author has used variety of sentences. The novel is the first person narrative. The use of poetic language makes it impeccable. But at places the grammatical errors can be noticed but that doesn't outweighs the quality of the novel.

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ABout the Author

Nikhil Kushwaha, an engineer, poet and a novelist, has already entertained his readers in his first book Six Teen Mistakes. A Ranchi boy, schooling from Bishops School and Kendriya Vidyalaya, is a graduate from NIST Berhampur, as an electrical engineer. Being author by chance and a full time author now, he says that it is not necessary to have experience, degree or talent to be an author, but whats required, is a story, passion and some patience. Believing in realism, his novels are based on what he witnesses around the people he knows, the things he has experienced and a story he wants the world to tell.

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