Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wandering Mind

We all have exams isn't it!Do we study all the time?? Seriously speaking, we do every stupid thing before exam but not study. Am I Right? We suddenly start remembering the old things like old scribblings, messages or some novels that attract us. We badly want to read them but have to suppress ourselves to study. Sometimes, the favourite TV show or the cricket match attracts us. These distractions.. N above all when a writer has exams he or she wants to scribble down her heart on a piece of paper or the blog. I am doing the same thing. I have exam tomorrow and I am scribbling here because my mind is not at all at peace. I have read the novels, my course ones. But still my mind is wandering, don't ask me why, even I don't know. Earlier,we used to get scared of exams or study like anything but now we don't feel scared as we have given exams zillion times, yes, I feel so.Starting from nursery class to our college exams to our entrance exams to our job tests, we are to give exams, exams and exams.
Sometimes I end up singing,  "Exams, Exams everywhere,
Will they ever end?
Everytime they begin
With a new trend."
After wandering whole day, in the morning before exam,we are ruffling pages..yes we all do, even I do.This condition is with all those who are like me.
And the craziest things happens with lovers. During this time every other girl or a guy gets a proposal, they are confused, brain stops working and concentration level leads to zero. Mostly this is the trick to distract people or more interesting is,  most of the breakups,  sorry scenes, love scenes happen during exams. All the schedule and plans go in vain.
The timetable to study, the plan of giving time to some subjects, this happens with people who have boards. One should notice what all they do and even I did when I had boards and I guess they were the only papers in my life that I gave seriously by torturing myself. You want to know what I did? Actually this all do who have boards, I feel so.
They submit there cell phones to their parents so that nothing can distract them. The parents cut the TV lines and some do even more then that, they even cut off their landlines. What is left with their child is to study, study and only study. This is complete torture.I feel those who don't want to study will find their ways.They will scribble something on paper and parents will think their child is studying or they will just open the book and wander.Teenage slots go through such tortures. I feel that's the torturous thing. If you want to study you ll study in the noisiest place too, no matter what happens. If you don't want to study,  you will end up wasting your time by just day dreaming. Hey, don't judge,  I am not doing day dreaming. Its just my mind isn't at peace.
I am prepared for my exam, but I needed some break so I came up with this piece. I don't know whether it makes sense or not,  I just wanted to share my heart out and this happens to every person who give exams. Some express it and some suppress it. I just expressed it.
So, my dear readers, give exams with peace and concentration and after writing it I am feeling refreshed.Will wait for your feedbacks.Kindly like, comment and share this. YOu never know, my stupid scribblings mIGHT help somebody who is not at peace. Stay blessed..keep reading and writing.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ganga Bharani's 'Just You, Me and a Secret' :A Perfect Suspense Novel

Just You, Me and a Secret by Ganga Bharani is a perfect instance of suspense novel. We technically define Suspense novel as a novel that has an unsolved mystery which catch the reader’s attention. It has lots of emotions like anxiety, eagerness, thrill and many more. The outer cover of the book is much appreciated because of its stylish use of oil pastel designing which makes the cover artistic and gives a simple yet stylish look.
The plot is very intriguing and the actions take place according to it. The action of the novel takes place at two places; first is Chennai and the other is Coimbatore. The background of the story is a southern setup. The story begins with the protagonist, Meera who gets up in a hospital and is shocked to find her memory loss. She meets Ashruth who happens to be her fiancé but she hates him at the first place by seeing his over loving nature. As the story progresses, she finds out the answers of her questions through her diary whose named as Clara. Further, she discovers about her parents who are filthy rich and also about her companion, Santosh. Slowly, she develops affection for Santosh but still her mind always hover over her past. There are some things that disturb her. She goes through intellectual and heart battle. When she meets Santosh, things began to clear. The mystery behind the things began to clear and as a result she finds out her answers. The story ends on a happy note revealing all the secrets and mysteries, also the identity of Meera.
The author has a unique style of writing. She writes in a telegraphic language. For instance, the first line of the novel shows us this; “Pitch dark. Extreme silence.” The name of diary is intriguing ‘Clara’. It first confuses the readers and they think it as the name of a person. The sentence structure varies from simple to complex sentences. The language of the author in this novel is very simple, lucid. The mention of diary entries in ‘Clara’ and the exchange of letters between Santosh and Deepthi take our minds towards Epistolary technique of Novel Writing. The novel is a complete package of intense emotions blended with thriller.
As we know ‘Every coin has another side’ so this book has some flaws which make it weak selling wise. According to me, the cover of the book is simple but these days glittery or stylish covers appeal the readers most. The pages and the font of the book make it boring which sounds like a student reading a textbook. Coming to the contents of the book, I believe the parents’ character should have been developed more as compared to Ashruth and Santosh’s character. But we should appreciate Ganga for her commendable work as she is the first timer. These little criticisms will improve her work more.

One should not forget that her work is amazing that is why she is the inspiration to some published writers. For instance, Nikita Singh’s ‘Right Here, Right Now’ is inspired from Ganga’s novel. Readers will be amazed to know that some of the contents of the plot and the story have been taken as it is. For instance, the memory loss of Kalindi’s is similar to Meera’s. Then the side heroes Ashruth and Sameer are round characters who have mysterical identities. After this the Laptop scene in both the novels is same. Further, the secrets are revealed through dairies in both the books. Like this, there are many instances which clearly prove that Nikita’s inspiration to her novel is Ganga’s work. This makes her work a hit. And yes, if you start reading once, you will not get up without finishing it.

Monday, 9 March 2015

My Man's Beauty

My man's beauty cannot be compared to redness of rose,
His hair stands like a straighten wire,I love his hasting smell but not more then perfumes,His songs are manly but I prefer listening to stars,He never cries yet he always makes me shy,His laugh sound a guiding stars walk,He is no any God as he walks on ground,He is my man, my soul mate,
And his love is as rare as my existence on earth,
If you say love doesn’t exist,
Then I hath never loved my man,
This world never existed, no man ever loved,
and I never wrote this love verse for him,

He meets me in heaven, where lovers never depart...