Tuesday, 29 December 2015

LOve ME Like You DO by Divyam KAushik

Love Me Like You Do by Divyam Kaushik is a love tragedy and this mesmerising and heart warming saga just melts the hearts of the readers.

Cover- The cover of the book is just fantabulous.. It gives a soothing effect to the minds of the readers.

Title- I feel nothing would have been better than this title as somewhere it justifies the theme of the novel.

Setting- The action of the story takes place at Dehradun as well as Haridwar and some parts of it in Delhi.

Plot- The story revolves around an unnamed guy who goes through many breakups in life and when he finally finds true love, he ends up losing his own life.

Characterization - There are too many characters in the novel that brings a lot of variety in the behavior and thought process of the characters.The author has beautifully characterized Swati's character. The main protagonist's views, his struggles have been beautifully portrayed.

Style- The novel is known for the unnamed protagonist who is quoted as 'he'. This type of technique makes the novel unique and outstanding. The novel is poetic in some parts. There are beautiful Shayaris, poems, liners which are the main highlighters and act as a sugar coating. They are the crux of the novel. The novel is written in first and third person narrative. The language was simple, lucid and easy.

My Observation- The poetic aura of the writer made this novel stand out. The best part is that a person can complete it in one go and it saves lot of time. There were little syntactical errors in the novel which requires attention. Further, the delineation of too many characters can confuse the readers. Not only this but also the many love plots might divert the attention of the readers. I feel the end could have been different. Since it was going on a pessimistic note then it should have ended on an optimistic note. But it's all what the author had planned so it's purely his thought process.
 Lastly, I would like to thank the author for mentioning my name in the acknowledgment section..trust me it means a lot.

Availability- This novel can be available on amazon, Flipkart, kindle paying and many more..

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Joys and Woes are Woven Fine- A Feminist Piece

 Joys and Woes are Woven Fine by Arkaprava De is a Feminist piece and the best part about it is that it has been attempted by a man. This shows that there are some men in this world who are not cruel, in fact they understand the sufferings of women and take initiatives to save them or highlight their problems. Arka is one such author who has taken a stand for society and this book is his small initiative to highlight the issues that prevail in India. Though Women Empowerment has taken place yet there are some sections where women are beaten, abused physically and mentally, tortured, trafficked and raped brutally and killed. This novel delineates this darker site of the society.

COVER- The cover of the book is amazing and gives us a hint of social novel.

TITLE- I would like to appreciate the author for coming up with this unique title and the whole story revolves around the title,WOES AND JOY ARE WOVEN FINE.

BACKGROUND- The story talks about the social issues like child abuse, torture,rape,prostitution,women trafficking.

SETTING-The action of the story takes place in Kolkata and then it shifts to Hyderabad and then ends in Kolkata. Thus, the story revolves in a circle. It ends at the place where it had started.

PLOT- The story revolves around Ketaki who gets separated from her mother, Jasmine at the time of her birth. She is trafficked to Hyderabad and then Kolkata again where destiny had something in store for her. She goes through a disturbed childhood, tortured, molested, raped and is the victim of human trafficking. Her tragic death makes the readers cry. She is the real hero, survivor in the story.

CHARACTERISATION-  The author has done a tremendous job in the characterisation of his characters. Ketaki's character is beautifully woven and at times readers just feel her character. While the antagonists characters are also worked upon well.

THEMES- There are wide variety of themes like disturbed childhood, abuse, rape, human trafficking. Ketaki, the protagonist goes through disturbed childhood where she is separated from her parents and forced to beg and then she is forced to work as a servant. Further, she is molested, abused and raped. And during all this time she is trafficked from Kolkata to Hyderabad and then again back to Kolkata.

STYLE- The author has used simple and clear language since he had chosen a sensitive subject. The sentences vary in style. Some are simple, some are complex and some are compound. There is no trace of poetic diction. the descriptions are crisp and shows authors research work on various places like Sonargachi, which is the biggest red alert area of Kolkata.

MY OBSERVATION- I really loves the plot and the characterisation by the author. They are the crux of the novel. The vivid descriptions were like an icing on the cake. But, one cannot ignore the syntactical errors in the work which makes it bit low. Since it is a sensitive novel and it is not everyone's cup of tea. Thus, it involves selected readers who can handle the intensity, depth and sensitivity of the novel. So, I would like to suggest to such people to read this novel.

HIGHLIGHTER- The author's note in the end was epoch making. The way he has given his views are just amazing.

AVAILABILITY- This novel is available on amazon.in, kindle, goodreads, whatsapp, Pustak Mandi etc.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Forbidden Line by Mayank Kashyap

Mayank Kashyap's 'Forbidden Line' can be described in three words i.e.- Bitter, Sweet, Remorse.
Well, this novel is a sweet romance blended with suspense, thriller, farce,social issue. The novel has variety of elements which makes it special.

Cover- The cover is very intriguing and it gives us a rough idea of its seriousness. It increases the Adrenal rush and makes the reader want to open the book.

Title- The title is 'Forbidden Line' which clearly tells the theme of the novel; something which one is not allowed to do.

Plot- The story is revolves around Virat,the protagonist, his friendship, his love and his struggle to get justice for his friend.

Theme- The novel has variety of themes like friendship, love, eve teasing and corruption..

Friendship- This is the main theme. Virat, Saurav and Ankit are  best friends who are inseparable. There friendship is tested when Saurav dies and both the friends takes a stand for not only his friend but against a social issue. There friendship serves that line- "Friendship is tested in times of need."

Love- This is a sweet love story of Virat and Manya who are school sweethearts and their surpasses all the bad situations. They are the cutest couple who are madly, deeply in love. The way they handle the situations is impeccable.

Eve Teasing- The other theme is Eve Teasing and the main motive of this novel was to highlight this issue. Mostly people the roadside people but what if they cross their limits? To stop them, we need some heros and the characters have given their best to solve this problem though the outcome was a death of a dear friend.

Corruption- This novel gives vivid description of reality and even our saviors are corrupted. The way the steps are taken by Virat to keep these people on track are commendable.

Language- The language of the novel is simple, clear and had brevity. Even a ten year old child could understand this novel. 

Narration- The author has used first person narrative and it is a Personal Description.

Diction- At some places the diction is poetic and the use of some poems makes the story flowing like a river. It had some beautiful images, metaphors.

My Observation- I was impressed and depressed at the same time by this novel.  The crisp plot is the crux of the novel and the imperfect use of words is the major flaw of the novel. There was no need of 'F' words at some places. The very first line had mistakes. The story is very slow in the start but as it progresses it develops interest which takes the novel from down fall to a rise. So, I suggest my readers to read this book and find it yourself.

Availability- The book is available at PustakMandi, whatsapp, google play store, amazon.in and many other sites.

About the AuthorMayank Kashyap was brought up in Patna and he presently lives in New Delhi. He is an MBA graduate in Finance. He is a voracious reader, avid blogger and book reviewer. He can be reached at www.mayankkashyapblog.in

Sweet Revenge- A Review

Lafont's Sweet Revenge is a Contemporary Romance and a suspense novel. It can also be categorized as Dark Romance. This is an E- book which has taken away the hearts of the readers and is known for its perfect accent.

Cover- Though its an E- book yet it is not devoid of cover. The cover is very attractive and catchy which reminds you of two lovers who are intimately involved.

Plot- The plot is strong and crisp. The story is of a young painter Eve and her dark past in name of Guy Leguerec which haunts her in her present and leads to series of incidents which are enthralling and intriguing.

Setting- The setting is at two place, Boston and Paris. Though there are names of some places mentioned in the stories but basically the story revolves around these two places.

Characterization- The characters are artistically characterized. Guy's character is the round character. He undergoes change according to the situation. He is a real hero who from being the son of a fishermen becomes rich. He is typical hero of earlier times whose main possession is hard work. On the other  hand, Steve serves as a foil to Guy who is the antagonist and creates many misunderstandings between Guy and Eve but despite of his evil ways, he can't separate the two. Eve is the protagonist of the novel who happens to be a Painter and her work is beautifully reflected in her 'Nineteen Mysteries' which gets sold on the first day of her exhibition. She goes through ups and down till the end and finally all her questions are answered and suspense is revealed. On the other hand, Madame Samson serves as a motherly figure for both Guy and Eve which acts as a catalyst in both of their lives. And other minor characters also play a vital role in the moving of the story.

 Language- The language is very glossy and has decorated flowery words which makes the story beautiful. And the use of French words highlights the French accent and atmosphere, that serves as a sugar coating on the cake.

French and English- In some way this novel tells us the difference between French and English through the characters of Eve and Guy. Eve is an English whereas Guy is French. Guy is in habit of speaking French when he is in his thinking mode and has that accent. The use of French words shows author's nativeness as a French author.

Narrative- The author has used point of view technique. And in this he has used first and third person narratives which shows wideness in the work.

My Observation- It took me just three hours to finish the 175 page novel. I especially liked the use of right word at the right time. The description was so artistic that I could visualize the scenes and the characters. Though French words are the highlighters yet they go in negatives too. Some words in French makes the reader confused in understanding the meaning of the language. It is a dark romance novel and cannot be called as erotica though the cover reveals so. I would strongly suggest to read this novel if you know about art, about the correct use of language. Further, it can also be used as source material for improving writing skills.

Availability- This novel is available on amazon. com; amazon. in; amazon.uk.in; kindle edition and n other sites.

About the Author-Olivier Lafont is a French author, screenplay writer, and actor. His novel 'Warrior' was published by Penguin Random House, and was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize. He has just released his new contemporary romance novel 'Sweet Revenge' exclusively on Kindle. 'Purgatory: The Gun of God' is a fantasy novelette published in South Africa. 

Lafont has written a number of feature film scripts before. The first film he wrote opened at the Toronto Film Festival and went on to win seven awards at film festivals worldwide. 

As an actor Lafont has acted in Hollywood and Indian films, in TV serials, and in over 80 television commercials. He acted in '3 Idiots', one of India's all-time blockbuster hits, the critically-acclaimed 'Guzaarish', and the Lifetime film 'Baby Sellers', amongst other films. 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam

IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam is a perfect Suspense Novel.

suspense: the main character may become aware of danger only gradually. In a mystery, the reader is exposed to the same information as the detective, but in a suspense story, the reader is aware of things unknown to the protagonist. The reader sees the bad guy plant the bomb, and then suffers the suspense of wondering when or if it will explode.

Social Novel: In some way this novel is a social novel as it highlights the social issue rape and the whole scenario is setup around it.

Psychological Novel:  We can label this novel as a psychological novel as it deals with the psychology of not only the characters but also with the readers.

Cover: The cover of the book is intriguing and the animated picture gives us the idea about the issue.

Title: 'IAm16ICanRape' is the main highlight of the book. The author has justified her title in the novel by talking about a trend on twitter that deals with the various view points on rape.

Praise for the book: Many people have praised the book in the start which shows that the novel has already gone for the pre publish reviews.For instance:
" A well written psychological thriller! I got attracted to this book because of the sensitive topic, Rape, But as I started reading it, I realized how real and powerful the book is." - Shipra Chandra
Dedication: The book is dedicated to Nirbhaya, the woman who bravely told the tragic story of her worst nightmare to the world and awakened a nation from its slumber.

Reading Guide: The strange thing I noticed while turning the pages is the way the author has made a guideline chart for reading the chapters. The chapter starts from chapter 9 and then the chapter 1.

Plot: The plot is well knit and depicted smartly. It revolves around Aarush Kashyup who is accused of a rape and the whole story revolves around the point whether he has committed this grave sin or not.

Themes: There is a wide range of themes in this novel. The main theme is the theme of Rape. Subhangi is raped brutally and the consequences she faces after the rape is being delineated. Mostly, the mindset of people towards rape victims is very abnormal. they treat them as culprits. Instead of pointing the culprit, the girl is accused of roaming late night. This theme highlights the issue and the way the characters deal with it.

The other significant part is the theme of relationships and how they change after the certain act committed by the culprit. Aarush- Rudransh , Gayatri-Aarush, Ananya-Aarush, Mrigank- Aarush's relationships undergo a drastic change after the rape act.

Further, we can notice the theme of friendship. Subhangi and Tabrez's friendship is best highlighted in the novel. The way Tabrez takes a stand for the victim can make anyone motivated. This friendship is contrasted with the friendship of Shrini and Aarush.

The minor theme of love or attraction can be seen between Aarush and Pihu. They have genuine feelings for each other but the opinion of Pihu does'nt change about Aarush until she finds out something about him.

The mind game is the sub theme of the novel.The way Aarush plays with the characters confuses the readers as well.

Characterisation: Kirtida has beautifully scripted her characters. Some are round, some are flat while some are bit complicated characters and above all, Aarush Kashyap can be called as the masterpiece because his delineation sounds the toughest task of the author.

Stream of Consciousness :The author can easily deal with the minds of her characters because she herself is the psychologist and she can depict the thoughts easily. This novel somewhere depicts the different thoughts of the characters about a single thing, Rape.

Epistolary: The novelist has used diary entries in the character of Shrini which makes the novel slightly epistolary.

Point of View: The author has used names of characters instead of chapters. This way the readers can understand the point of views of the characters.

Language: The author has used simple, easy and lucid language. This makes the readers understand her thoughts easily but the scientific jargons makes the writing complex.

My Research: For the first time I did research on a certain novel and I don't regret on my research, infact it has helped me understand various concepts. Honestly speaking, The reading guideline sounded like an over confidence of the author. I thought it would make no sense but when I started reading this made some sense and I understood that the author somewhere wanted to show a flashback technique but ended up with these chapters. Anyhow, this proved out to be in her favor.
Further, after reading the characters, I noted down the nature of characters. For instance:
"Gayatri as kind hearted, emotional, dramatic, understanding. "

Then I made a note of certain scientific jargons and there meanings. Like:
"Transaction is a communication between two or more systems."
In the end the Psychological analyses makes some sense to the novel.

Conclusion: This is a perfect novel with correct blending of suspense, thriller, darkness, techniques,themes and a unique style of writing. To add more, the characterisation is pictographic and acts as a catalyst for the novel whereas the jargons, phsychological hypothesis makes it bit complex and terse. So, I suggest my readers to go through it.

You can find this book on Amazon. in , Goodreads, Kindle and many more sites..