Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Joys and Woes are Woven Fine- A Feminist Piece

 Joys and Woes are Woven Fine by Arkaprava De is a Feminist piece and the best part about it is that it has been attempted by a man. This shows that there are some men in this world who are not cruel, in fact they understand the sufferings of women and take initiatives to save them or highlight their problems. Arka is one such author who has taken a stand for society and this book is his small initiative to highlight the issues that prevail in India. Though Women Empowerment has taken place yet there are some sections where women are beaten, abused physically and mentally, tortured, trafficked and raped brutally and killed. This novel delineates this darker site of the society.

COVER- The cover of the book is amazing and gives us a hint of social novel.

TITLE- I would like to appreciate the author for coming up with this unique title and the whole story revolves around the title,WOES AND JOY ARE WOVEN FINE.

BACKGROUND- The story talks about the social issues like child abuse, torture,rape,prostitution,women trafficking.

SETTING-The action of the story takes place in Kolkata and then it shifts to Hyderabad and then ends in Kolkata. Thus, the story revolves in a circle. It ends at the place where it had started.

PLOT- The story revolves around Ketaki who gets separated from her mother, Jasmine at the time of her birth. She is trafficked to Hyderabad and then Kolkata again where destiny had something in store for her. She goes through a disturbed childhood, tortured, molested, raped and is the victim of human trafficking. Her tragic death makes the readers cry. She is the real hero, survivor in the story.

CHARACTERISATION-  The author has done a tremendous job in the characterisation of his characters. Ketaki's character is beautifully woven and at times readers just feel her character. While the antagonists characters are also worked upon well.

THEMES- There are wide variety of themes like disturbed childhood, abuse, rape, human trafficking. Ketaki, the protagonist goes through disturbed childhood where she is separated from her parents and forced to beg and then she is forced to work as a servant. Further, she is molested, abused and raped. And during all this time she is trafficked from Kolkata to Hyderabad and then again back to Kolkata.

STYLE- The author has used simple and clear language since he had chosen a sensitive subject. The sentences vary in style. Some are simple, some are complex and some are compound. There is no trace of poetic diction. the descriptions are crisp and shows authors research work on various places like Sonargachi, which is the biggest red alert area of Kolkata.

MY OBSERVATION- I really loves the plot and the characterisation by the author. They are the crux of the novel. The vivid descriptions were like an icing on the cake. But, one cannot ignore the syntactical errors in the work which makes it bit low. Since it is a sensitive novel and it is not everyone's cup of tea. Thus, it involves selected readers who can handle the intensity, depth and sensitivity of the novel. So, I would like to suggest to such people to read this novel.

HIGHLIGHTER- The author's note in the end was epoch making. The way he has given his views are just amazing.

AVAILABILITY- This novel is available on amazon.in, kindle, goodreads, whatsapp, Pustak Mandi etc.

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