Sunday, 20 December 2015

Forbidden Line by Mayank Kashyap

Mayank Kashyap's 'Forbidden Line' can be described in three words i.e.- Bitter, Sweet, Remorse.
Well, this novel is a sweet romance blended with suspense, thriller, farce,social issue. The novel has variety of elements which makes it special.

Cover- The cover is very intriguing and it gives us a rough idea of its seriousness. It increases the Adrenal rush and makes the reader want to open the book.

Title- The title is 'Forbidden Line' which clearly tells the theme of the novel; something which one is not allowed to do.

Plot- The story is revolves around Virat,the protagonist, his friendship, his love and his struggle to get justice for his friend.

Theme- The novel has variety of themes like friendship, love, eve teasing and corruption..

Friendship- This is the main theme. Virat, Saurav and Ankit are  best friends who are inseparable. There friendship is tested when Saurav dies and both the friends takes a stand for not only his friend but against a social issue. There friendship serves that line- "Friendship is tested in times of need."

Love- This is a sweet love story of Virat and Manya who are school sweethearts and their surpasses all the bad situations. They are the cutest couple who are madly, deeply in love. The way they handle the situations is impeccable.

Eve Teasing- The other theme is Eve Teasing and the main motive of this novel was to highlight this issue. Mostly people the roadside people but what if they cross their limits? To stop them, we need some heros and the characters have given their best to solve this problem though the outcome was a death of a dear friend.

Corruption- This novel gives vivid description of reality and even our saviors are corrupted. The way the steps are taken by Virat to keep these people on track are commendable.

Language- The language of the novel is simple, clear and had brevity. Even a ten year old child could understand this novel. 

Narration- The author has used first person narrative and it is a Personal Description.

Diction- At some places the diction is poetic and the use of some poems makes the story flowing like a river. It had some beautiful images, metaphors.

My Observation- I was impressed and depressed at the same time by this novel.  The crisp plot is the crux of the novel and the imperfect use of words is the major flaw of the novel. There was no need of 'F' words at some places. The very first line had mistakes. The story is very slow in the start but as it progresses it develops interest which takes the novel from down fall to a rise. So, I suggest my readers to read this book and find it yourself.

Availability- The book is available at PustakMandi, whatsapp, google play store, and many other sites.

About the AuthorMayank Kashyap was brought up in Patna and he presently lives in New Delhi. He is an MBA graduate in Finance. He is a voracious reader, avid blogger and book reviewer. He can be reached at

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