Tuesday, 29 December 2015

LOve ME Like You DO by Divyam KAushik

Love Me Like You Do by Divyam Kaushik is a love tragedy and this mesmerising and heart warming saga just melts the hearts of the readers.

Cover- The cover of the book is just fantabulous.. It gives a soothing effect to the minds of the readers.

Title- I feel nothing would have been better than this title as somewhere it justifies the theme of the novel.

Setting- The action of the story takes place at Dehradun as well as Haridwar and some parts of it in Delhi.

Plot- The story revolves around an unnamed guy who goes through many breakups in life and when he finally finds true love, he ends up losing his own life.

Characterization - There are too many characters in the novel that brings a lot of variety in the behavior and thought process of the characters.The author has beautifully characterized Swati's character. The main protagonist's views, his struggles have been beautifully portrayed.

Style- The novel is known for the unnamed protagonist who is quoted as 'he'. This type of technique makes the novel unique and outstanding. The novel is poetic in some parts. There are beautiful Shayaris, poems, liners which are the main highlighters and act as a sugar coating. They are the crux of the novel. The novel is written in first and third person narrative. The language was simple, lucid and easy.

My Observation- The poetic aura of the writer made this novel stand out. The best part is that a person can complete it in one go and it saves lot of time. There were little syntactical errors in the novel which requires attention. Further, the delineation of too many characters can confuse the readers. Not only this but also the many love plots might divert the attention of the readers. I feel the end could have been different. Since it was going on a pessimistic note then it should have ended on an optimistic note. But it's all what the author had planned so it's purely his thought process.
 Lastly, I would like to thank the author for mentioning my name in the acknowledgment section..trust me it means a lot.

Availability- This novel can be available on amazon, Flipkart, kindle paying and many more..


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  4. Umm no offenses to the writer but, the plot! It seems like a little spin off, not a spin off but a kinda twisted plot thingy from "I too had a love story!" by Ravinder Singh! I mean it is what it is. If I get to read this as a prologue or at the back of the book, then I'd probably not read! Again no offenses just a thought!

    1. Dear Nipun, this book is nowhere related to Ravinder's I Too Had A Love Story.. I have read the works of both the authors. It is entirely a different concept.. Well, it doesn't matter if you are not pleased by the outer look..its completely your choice..Anyways, thankyou for stopping by and giving your view points :)