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A Heartwarming Session -Aditti Gaur's Interview

Interviews play an integral role in our life. They make you feel like a star. And that is exactly what Aditti Gaur, the budding author, felt when I had a word with her.  Lets see what she says about her Adhira: Love, Lost &Found.

What according to you Adhira is?
Adhira… Love; lost & found, is a story about a girl and her journey of struggles, achievements, responsibilities, passion & love of her life. The journey where she realizes that sometimes… "Silence is the most powerful scream" and "Indication of something being terribly wrong".  This is a journey where she loses her love somewhere and then finds it again.

When you realized you should write?
For me, writing happened suddenly. I was neither into writing nor aimed for it too. But, there were things  that used to circulate in my mind. I always loved creating stories and used to tell people about it. One fine day, when my husband and I were discussing something about this whole thing, he instantly came up with the thought that I should write these stories. And that’s how this whole process of creating a story and getting it published in a book, started.

Why Adhira? What is so special about it?
There is nothing much special about it. It’s just that this story used to revolve in my mind from a long time. This novel highlights the personality of strong and independent women in our society... How the character deals with the rigidity of men despite of working at a respectable position . It reflects an image, dedication and love our women stored in their hearts for each and everyone, who belongs to her.
My girl “Adhira” is nothing, but, just a face of a girl in our society; a very short example of the complexities our girl’s, which they are facing in today’s society and how they overcome from them. Every girl can relate herself to this character somewhere in her life. She is a sweet, caring and very friendly person, who loves to care about everyone. But, at the same time, she is strong headed and independent individual too. She knows her limitations at the same time she also knows how to live life happily.

Do you think the characters you chose for your novel are related to you somewhere in your real life?
See, I personally believe that, when you are creating a particular character or a story, you visualize everything. You start imagining yourself  as a character. Then you understand the situations and start feeling the emotions of the characters. And then only you are able to write about them. Like, if I give you one example, when I started writing about Adhira or Riddhi, I put myself in their situations and then visualized about what would be my reaction to certain situations or in that particular scene.
So, in a way, the characters I chose for my story are somehow related to me. But their whole identity belongs to the world I created for them.

So tell about your research work of Adhira?
I had to do a little research for this story. As my girl is suffering from a life threatening disease. I read a lot about the Bone Marrow Aplasia. Read stories of the patients who survived, their experiences and their journey’s so far. 

How Adhira has changed your life?
Adhira has given me a direction to see my future. I used to be a reserved person, which still I am! This creation gave me an idea to freely express my feelings, thoughts and off course… my stories to the world. This book made me a more confident individual and opened the gate towards my destination.
Why you chose 'Adhira' as the title of this novel?
I did select some titles for this story but no-one was touching my heart and my search ended with this title ‘Adhira… Love; lost & found .’ I instantly liked this one as this story also revolves around the life of my girl Adhira. I thought, what could be best other than this. Also, this title is little unusual and I wanted the title should be different from the ones we are currently looking at the bookstores. This is how this title has been selected for the book.

What was in your mind while writing this piece?
Like I said earlier, writing happened to me suddenly. I never-ever thought that one day, I would write something or known to be as a published writer. I was writing this story just to clear whatever was circulating in my mind. I never thought to get this published in a book but when my husband read the first draft of the story; he really liked it and suggested me to write it in a serious manner. Since that day I started writing it seriously. I just wanted to express the feelings of each character in a beautiful way. I wanted to write, to express, not to impress. I just wanted that the story and the characters of Adhira are loved by the readers.

How was your experience with the Editor? Did you face any critical criticisms?
The first editing of this book was done by my husband and the experience was horrible. As my grammatical skills are weak and I do not hesitate to admit this. When he was editing the chapters he used to point out my mistakes and criticize for the same. His criticism had done a major part in showing me the correct path to improve my flaws. And then, the professional editing was done by Jonali, who has done the most difficult job of refining the language and fixing grammatical errors.

Are you planning to write any sequel? Tell more about it?

Yes, I am working on the sequel to this book. According to me, it is not the end of Adhira’s story It is just the beginning. A lot more things I have to share with my readers about her. Adhira… Love; lost & found is just a source to let people know about her. Her journey and her love-story are still incomplete, which I will complete in the next book. This book is just a mirror to her personality, her struggle for life is yet to discover. 

About the Author:

Born in Delhi and brought up in Meerut, Aditti Gaur now resides in Gurgaon . She is a self independent women with a working experience of 5-6 years from a leading DTH company. She joined at an early age. She quit her job in order to focus on her passion for writing. Now her dream of an published Author is fulfilled. Besides this, she is a blogger who blogs about lifestyle, love, relationships. She can be traced at

Aditti Gaur's Novel is available on flipkart, kindle and amazon.

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  1. You have done a good job in your first Interview Surbhi Sareen, and all the best for more such things and I hope to get interviewed by you sometime in future..:)