Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Adhira Love: Lost &Found.. A Review

Aditti Gaur's Adhira is a new beginning for an Independent Women. The novel focusses on the life of a woman named Adhira. It highlights the struggles, past experiences of her which become the major segment. Adhira is not some normal story or love story. It is the interesting saga of love that Adhira got after so many barriers.

The cover of the book is intriguing which excites the reader to read the book.
The author has used third person narrative which is impersonal and in some chapters personal narrative can be noticed. She has used sentences ranging from simple, compound to complex.This maintains the syntactic order in the novel.The novel is beautifully organised with events. Ridhima's wedding is the main in the novel. Shikhar 's betrayal backs the second set of issues. Coherence can be noticed in her work.There are some transitional paragraphs which are catches the eye of the reader. The use of Hinglish doesn't make the piece fragmented. Further, the author has composed her songs which are so beautiful and will make you feel at ease. One may get philosophical after reading the lyrics. The novel is so intriguing that I ended up reading in one go. After reading the novel you will think about it for sometime. 

This novel not only talks about the struggles of an individual but it also highlights the thoughts of a girl before her wedding. For a girl wedding is the biggest decision of her life and it's not easy to leave her family. It also talks about a girl's fear before her marriage. As they say Marriage is like gambling, you are never sure whether it will work or not.You will have zillions of examples infront of you. Some will be of success and some will be of failure. But failures scare us the more. So, Ridhi represent all those girls who fear before their wedding.

 The novel depicts the lovely bond of friendship between Ridhi and Adhira, who are like Juno Swans. The love bond between Shikhar and Adhira is spectacular.The way Shikhar helps Adhira by going out of the way makes him an amazing character in the novel. Adhira's characterizations are very powerful. Even the villain in the story has so much power. The minor characters are full of mysteries. But I felt the minor characters were highlighted more as compared to the major ones and some characters were completely ignored. Maybe my expectations are more as a reader. further, the author talked about the disease which has been elaborated very artistically. Personally speaking, I didn't come to know when the novel got just left me with an "Awww". I congratulate Aditti Gaur for coming up with such a fantabulous piece.

Additional details :
Name of the book: Adhira Love: Lost & Found 
Author: Aditti Gaur 
Published by: Authors Ink India 
Publisher: Aniket Kapoor 
Editor: Jonali Karmarkar
Genre: Romance 
Isbn no.: 9789385137136
Price: 250
Availability: Yes
Sites: Kindle edition, Amazon Paytm and Google Play Store 

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