Saturday, 6 February 2016

Different Shades of Life

Sandhya Jane's   Second Spring is an amazing novel that showcase different shades of life. This type of novels are mostly liked by the readers as they are far better than those lovey-dovey romance novels. This novel has true essence of love. Not only this, it is a beautiful journey of Avantika who happens to be a seasoned banking professional. She is a single mother who handles her personal as well as professional life efficiently. She is an all rounder and when she falls for her employee, series of events takes place. The void is filled but still she couldn't find happiness in that relationship. A twisting and turning tale that keeps the readers glued to the pages till the end.

Cover- The cover of the book is beautiful and gives us positive vibes. The color scheme is vibrant.

Title- The title of the novel is related to NAture, '  Second Spring', which fills our mind with new hopes and enthusiasm. One can guess their own definitions like a new beginning of something. This clearly suits the story of the novel making it Apt.

Plot- Sandhya has constructed a gripping plot that revolves around Avantika, the protagonist, who is a businesswoman and a classy lady. The way she carries herself is admirable. She is a single mother and their is void in her life which is filled by her employee who is younger than her. Their chemistry is amazing yet they couldn't make it. Their relationship becomes a history with lots of memories. The way plot is developed is appreciable.

Characterisation- The author has vividly illustrated her the character of her characters. Avantika's character portrayal seems the toughest as per my observation. The way she carries herself and that attitude is hard to delineate in a novel. Further, Rohan's character is phantasmagorically shown. The author's note can beautifully justify Sandhya's thought process about these two character portrayals.

Technique- The story is written in first person narrative. The name of the chapters are the name of the characters i.e, Avantika and Rohan which shows each other's point of views. This point of view technique serves as a sugar coating on the cake. To add more, the personal as well as impersonal descriptions makes it enthralling.

Style- The language is lucid, simple and clear. It has brevity in it. The readers do not find difficult in reading. There are certain sentences that sound poetic. The use of adjectives like sexy, Boss Lady, beautiful for Avantika highlights her character. The locations used in the novel are fantastic. The use of E-mails makes it Epistolary in style. Further, the descriptions, use of phrases and connecting words makes it interesting.

Favorite lines- " Here's someone who doesn't listen to Avantika or give a hoot about our disapproval".
" It is Mercury that is responsible for the strange connection between us."

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With a Master degree in Information Technologies from the University of Central Missouri, Sandhya Jane has been working for over two decades in the global corporate environment in USA, India and Hong Kong that includes some of the leading investment banks in Manhattan.
She has travelled widely across the globe, giving her a unique insight to different cultures and regions. Currently, she lives in Hong Kong with her husband and her son.
In addition to writing fiction, Sandhya also regularly writes on the subjects of technology, management and other motivational topics for leading websites and an Indian newspaper.

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