Sunday, 7 February 2016

A Perfect Happiness Mantra

The Happiness Code by Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is indeed a mantra for happiness. It talks about the art of achieving happiness. The book has author's experiences which he has beautifully drafted in form of anecdotes, illusions and examples. Every line has an important meaning which makes an impact. The best part is, even a layman can read this book and follow these mantras.

Cover- The cover of the book is intriguing and the pink color gives us positive vibes about the book.

Title- The title is simple and it clearly serves the purpose of the book," The Happiness Code" which has a subtitle."A complete book on the Art of achieving Happiness". The smiley on the 'O' alphabet gives a powerful effect to the title. Hence, it is an apt title.

Foreword- The foreword is written by Faqir Chand Kohli which is the highlighter of the book. Basically, foreword is written to show that an important person has his verdict in favor of this book, just like Karna's Altar Ego's foreword is written by Ruskin Bond.

Theme-The whole book is written on the thought process of Happiness hence, Happiness can be called as the protagonist of the book as everything revolves around it.

Structure- The book is divided into 107 chapters that are the various ways of achieving happiness. Further, the author has beautifully described the contents on the given chapters.

Style- The book is a non- fiction and comes under the Abstract reasoning. Its sole purpose is Happiness and it talks about various ways one can achieve happiness like by helping others or by performing certain tasks. The author has used an easy, lucid, simple language so that even a layman can read it with an ease. The author has used various motivational quotes  written by other people and poetic language to justify his point. The author has used real life examples and these are perfectly shown in the book.

Favorite quotes- 
"To ask a question may bring moments shame,but not to ask and remain ignorant is a lifetime shame." - Anon
"Never underestimate yourself; you are the most important thing in the universe."- Edward L. Kramer
My Observations- The simplicity of the book makes the readers glued to it but at the same time the editing errors makes it a big turn off. Nevertheless, the book's thought process surpasses this drawback and makes it highly recommendable. Suvasish has indeed done an amazing job of bringing this book in the market.

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About the Author
Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is a full time faculty member of Civil Engineering in College of Engineering, Pune. He has more than twenty years experience of teaching Management Studies, Fluid MEchanics, Dams and HYdraulic Structures, Soil Dynamics and NUmerical Methods to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate classes of Civil Engineering. He has guided several postgraduate-level students in their dissertation works. He is in the panel of experts in various universities and government and private organizations. Prof. Mukhopadhyay is actively engaged with the nationality famous training institute 'YAshada'. He has presented papers in several National and International conferences and published articles in journals of repute. Till date he has to his credit eight books, namely My students of Far and Near; You can Score MOre; Tsunami the Biggest BAne; How to Study and Succeed; Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics; An Eternal Quest for Peace; and MOtivating School KIds. Motivating School Kids is a NAtional Bestseller and has received many reviews by eminent newspapers and journals.

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