Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Train of Emotions

"Life is a game! If you know the knack,you win and if not then you lose.It's simple as that"

There are situations in our lives when we give up and it is hard to get back to that road. The road where you once mastered, seems strange to you now. Have you ever thought what is the reason behind it??
The reason is the time gap. Sometimes you have to leave that road and take a U-turn in your life but when you are back to the same road that you left, you feel uncomfortable. The same thing happens with relationships; when something bad happens.Your heart is damaged and it's hard to repair that damage. How much you try but you can't mend those broken pieces of your heart.
You feel uncomfortable with the same person whom you once loved so much.It's not easy to forgive a person who has left you tormented.
You become a medium of confusion as your heart says to forgive and mind says not to forgive and forget. In this battle,sometimes you make wrong choices which makes you regret your entire life. And you don't even get second chances because,"life is too short for second chances".
It's strange when you want to talk to somebody all are busy and when you are busy all want to talk to you. This is the truth. You might be thinking,what I am saying and am I making sense or not.. But that are emotions.They are direct from your heart, that express your sorrows and your messed up mind.. So, at this hour, I am happy,sad and confused. And this draft came out from my unsettled mind and I let the thoughts come out..

A/N: It's easy to write a story then your heart out when you are actually not in your conscious state.. You become a deep thinker.People may not accept you today, but will surely do one day.. Till then stay blessed and keep up the good work :-)


  1. I really liked how ideas are organized! Very interesting and well written! Great job! :)