Saturday, 26 November 2016

Harry POtter in Convent!

Harry Potter is one of the favourite characters we guys are obsessed with. Although I have not read much of those Dumbledore , Hermaine, Harry Potter but I have an idea about it. When I was in 6th std, I saw a book in my classmate's hand. It was some Harry POtter book as I really don't remember the part. She always had this book and was so obsessed to it that she never used to lend it to anybody.

One day, I went to her and I ended up asking her about the book and the reason of her obsession. She told me that she was in love with Harry POtter. LOve in 6th std is hard to digest, when we had no idea what goddam love was.I was completely clueless. I proceeded and asked her the reason. She told me Harry POtter was the new trend and if you want to be cool just buy this Harry POtter book. She further said that this book is really interesting and you should read it. She got that book on her birthday as it was expensive at that time. She thought that somene would steal her book so she decided to keep it to herself and she told me that she had read the book 4 times already. I was taken aback by her revealation. I started calling her 'HArry POtter LOver' from that day.

She always prayed that one day we study this Harry POtter in our syallabus. Today, I am missing her alot because I want to tell her that, her wish is being granted but now she can't go back to that stage and study all that. By now, you guys might have guessed, from where I am coming. I heard this buzz a few days ago but due to exams couldn't update it. I am realy happy about it but sad at the same, like why we were not given this chance.

To add more, I have heard it that not only Harry POtter but also stories of Agatha Christie would be there. I was like, AGATHA CHRISTIE? Are you kidding me?  Woah! I can only say, LUcky you, JUniors! I just can't wait for all this to happen in my Alma Mater. Finally, students would love it as well they would enjoy it.

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