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We Need a Revolution by Sachin Garg

We Need a Revolution is the latest novel by the most loved author, Sachin Garg. This novel is not so Sachin types. He has taken up a very sensitive issue in his novel and taught us many lessons through his writing. His style and technique of writing takes away the hearts of the readers. Now I shall discuss about the book concept wise.

Cover: The colour of the book is yellow and it is an appealing cover with tinge of cartoon art.

Title: The title of the book is thought provoking and forces us to ponder over like what would be the subject matter and gives us many generalisations to make whether it is about women empowerment or any other subject. But when one starts reading the book, all those notions comes to an end. WE NEED A REVOLUTION is the most suited title.

Setting: Most of the setting takes place in an island Andamans and Nicobar, Port Blair to be precise and some of it is in Delhi. The vivid descriptions about the setting makes it enthralling.

Plot: Sachin has constructed a gripping plot which arises curiosity in reader's mind and his thirst is quenched only after completing the novel. The story is of Shubhodeep Shyamchaudhary, a wanderer, reaches Andamans, where he faces a challenge of saving the innocent tribal people who are maltreated by the servants of government. 

Theme: The main theme is of injustice towards a tribe named Jarawa where these people are not accepted in the society and they live in a reserve area. Even there also they are tortured and this made them prey of bad eyes.

The other theme is of friendship and relationships. Shubhrodeep, Jenny, Faraaz, Navya and  Samar are friends in situation. The way they handle the things is impeccable. All have different roles to play. The relationship of Samar and Navya is seen as a roller coaster ride.

Characterisation: Sachin has beautifully picturised his characters. All the characters compliment each other and are related psychologically. I felt Shubhrodeep's character delineation is a masterpiece. Even the antagonist is artistically crafted and it might have been an uphill task for the author to show such character.

Style: The author has used vivid imagery in his work. At times he gets factual while at times he gets poetic. He has used variety of sentences and the descriptions are amazing. The late introduction of protagonist analysis could be seen. It also lead to psychological level. The flashback technique is impressive along with third person narrative. The chapter names intrigue the readers. 

Surprise Package: Shubhro's 180 days theory was a surprise package. According to this theory, he tends to change places and live for only 180 days there, that's why when he was arrested, all assumed that he had left.

Negative Moment:  I felt Lalwani could have done something else instead of getting and the concept of translation of Geeta sounded absurd.

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Number one bestselling author Sachin Garg is also an entrepreneur and a popular speaker. He likes to travel and write about he sees. He envisions documenting India in as much completeness as one lifetime allows.

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