Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Short Review of Ganga Bharani's 60 Writing Prompts and Plots

Book Details
Name:60 Writing Prompts and Plots
Author: Ganga Bharani Vasudevan
Edition: Kindle Edition
Availability: Amazon.in, Kindle

Review at a glance

Ganga wrote a book which was not so her types. I have read her suspense novel and I never thought that she would come up with an amazing concept. This is an e- book that is easily accessible and is cheaper in price. The book contains prompts of all sort of genres be it mystery, suspense, thriller,romance, erotica and many more. I feel this book worth reading and has uniqueness in it. It is way too different than those cheesy lovey dovey plots. 

The best part is, even a non author can use these prompts to develop a story. Furthermore, it enhances our creative skills and it is a very good exercise for the authors who are suffering from writer's block. There are 60 prompts and plots which have been beautifully explained with sensible examples. I would congratulate the author for coming up from her shell and trying this type which proves out to be a success according to me.

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