Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Special Encounter with Nikhil Kushwaha

About the Author

Nikhil Kushwaha, an engineer, poet and a novelist, has already entertained his readers in his first book Six Teen Mistakes. A Ranchi boy, schooling from Bishops School and Kendriya Vidyalaya, is a graduate from NIST Berhampur, as an electrical engineer. Being author by chance and a full time author now, he says that it is not necessary to have experience, degree or talent to be an author, but whats required, is a story, passion and some patience. Believing in realism, his novels are based on what he witnesses around the people he knows, the things he has experienced and a story he wants the world to tell.

Well, I had a special Encounter with this amazing author and we talked about his book Heart of Bullets which has created a great buzz from last few months.Here it goes :

1. When did writing happened to you?

Well, I am not sure, maybe when I thought I’ll be forgetting those moments which made my past beautiful.

2. Is Heart of Bullets your first book? If no, please mention the books released before?

Heart of Bullets is my third book after Six Teen Mistakes (2014) & The Waning Moon (2015).

3. Why you chose the theme Patriotism for your Novel?

Serving a state in any form is the kind honor and nobility that can’t be achieved by any other means. There awakes a braveness and struggle at times when the rest of the nation is asleep.

Not everyone has the courage to fight and die but there’s a little bit of will inside every Indian. Being a writer, all I can do is share the story of glory, pride and sacrifice and that’s what I’ve done in my book. Maybe my book can raise a hero.

4. What all research work you did while writing this piece?

Research is a must for every book as literature shapes the character. There is a friend of me in Para Forces who gave me the details I needed.

5. Do you want to credit anyone for the success of this book?
Well yes, to everyone who read my book.

6. What all hardships you went through in this process of writing? Did that discourage you or motivate you?

Hardships, yes. From the thought process to drafting to getting published to marketing…. Well, who knows hardship better than an author!!

I’m happy that my book is being liked by most of the readers and that’s a great motivation.

7. Are you planning to write more? When can we expect your other works?

I know I won’t stop writing, even though I want to. I’m already working in my next project and hope to get it publish before this year ends.

8. What is your message to the young writers like you?

To young writers like me, I just wanna say that there are wolves out there to rip your goals. Research before trusting and choose your publisher accordingly.


  1. How did you do the editing process, and how many drafts did you do while doing the editing process?

    1. Maam the author hired an editor and he did the editing..:)